Versão Portuguesa

Over the last four and a half decades, we have witnessed remarkable progress in our knowledge of Castro Culture in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, mainly as a result of the numerous archaeological excavations in Castro sites, using appropriate methodologies, which allowed the dissemination of pioneering and innovative scientific results in 1973, at the time of the 3rd National Congress of Archaeology, held in Porto. This meeting led to the resumption of relations between archaeologists who worked in Galicia and in the north of Portugal, then deepened with the reestablishment of democracy in Portugal and Spain.
We believe the time has come to take stock of the results of the immense work to date, to relaunch the discussion on more problematic topics and to point out new approaches in the investigation of Castro Culture, we call this international congress, where we would like to count on the collaboration of those who had the privilege of accompanying this course and cherish the dialogue with those who maintain the research, without forgetting the motivation of the young people.

Executive Committee:
Prof. Dr. Rui Manuel Sobral Centeno
Prof. Dr. Rui Manuel Lopes de Sousa Morais (UPorto-FLUP / CECH UC)
Dr. Ana José Oliveira (CM-Feira / Museu Convento dos Lóios)
Prof. Dr. Maria Teresa Cordeiro de Moura Soeiro (UPorto-FLUP / CITCEM)

Dr. Daniela Ferreira (UCM / CITCEM)
Dr. Ana Marques (CM-Feira)
Dr. Pedro da Silva (UniBAS / CITCEM)